Broken Hips and Other Ailments

I have recently broken my hip. Tile floor and a stool and down I went. I did not realize it was broken. I’d had a bone density test and a score of 2 plus, a very good score. So I got up and moaned and groaned and went on. I have arthritis so I blamed the pain on that, but it kept getting worse. Finally a month later they X-rayed it, surprise, it’s broken. They operated the next day, 3 days later I’m home. Everyone is amazed I walked around with a broken hip for one month. My Doctor said he had never had any one walk in his office with a broken hip, they usually arrive at the ER.
Need I say I’m tough. A broken hip is the last thing I wanted. It makes me feel old. Older than I am, and I’m old enough. Thank God my husband is able to care for me and I did not have go to a rehab center. That would have really upset me. But I have made a decision. As soon as I’m well I’m going to visit all the local rehab and retirement and etc. type places, because sooner or later I may need some where to go and I want to know more about where I’m going to go. Here is the point to all this, perhaps it would not be a bad thing to check out your local rehab and nursing home places. We hate to face that possibility but it looms over us all.


Mother Natures Assistant Has been Angry lately

It’s true. I have been angry lately at my fellow humans for the way they treat other human beings, animals, and even trees. And then a story like this shows up and I think “there are good people in the world”. I, of course, know there are good people. I believe in them, I just think they fail to act.

   However this story showed up on my Facebook recently it was about a little girl 4 years old and her dog, Abby, 14 years old. Abby died and the little girl was so upset she asked her mother to write to God and tell him what a good dog Abby was. And to take care of  Abby. And she sent a picture of Abby so God would recognize Abby. She put lots of stamps on the letter and her mom took her down to the mail box. She mailed her letter to God. A few days later she received a letter in a gold envelope.Here’s what it pretty much said.

I received your letter, and Abby is here with me now. The picture you sent was very helpful. Abby is very happy here and she is no longer sick or in pain. Since we are souls here and have no bodies,  I don’t have a pocket to keep your picture in so I am returning it. I will take good care of Abby . Thank you so much for the nice letter. What a good mommy you have to have helped you send your letter. Abby sends his biggest kisses. Love God

Someone took the time and the effort to try and make a little girl feel better. Now that’s  the kind of story Mother Nature’s Assistant likes to hear. 

Fight Back

I just saw two African women on “Right Now TV” get the crap beaten out of them for some supposed infraction, not by police, but by a husband with some complaint, apparently to do with a bottle of champagne, and his co-hearts. First he makes her hold this bottle of champagne and they hoot and holler. She stands there meekly. He slaps her to the ground then they continue to beat and kick her, finally tying her to a post and whipping her. Why they bothered to tie her up, I can’t imagine. She never raised a hand. Don’t ever do that! She had a hefty bottle in her hands, use it. They are going to do whatever it is they plan to do to you anyway, take as many as you can with you. Sure you’re going to get the crap beat out of you, but you will anyway. Fight, with all your strength, with the last bit of life left in you, fight. Women band together, never let them sleep, knowing you will extract revenge. I wouldn’t want to eat anything I cooked if you treated me that way. Nor would I feel good about sleeping or turning my back. You need not be big, just determined. Trust me I know. I had a crazy husband that thought it was fun to bounce me off walls, until I bounced back with all the hell and fury I possessed. Yes he won that one, and he probably would have killed me had I not become the aggressor. Bought a gun. got a permit. But I actually went after him. Not with a gun. Can’t tell you what I did but once he got out of the hospital he looked me up and said, and I quote, ” If you’ll leave me alone, I will leave you alone.” I nodded. I was holding a shovel at the time. He drove away and  I never saw him again.

Never get in a car with anyone. Whatever they intend to do to you, make them do it there. You have nails, get some skin get some eyes, gouge, fight. If nothing else you’ll get forensic evidence. Scream at the top of your lungs. Don’t  stop. Scream, help help  help, people will respond. Use anything you have. I had a friend who beat the shit out of an attacker with her wallet. Keys, anything. Don’t be threatened. Tell the police. They take  that a  bit more seriously, these days. They can’t protect you and running will only delay things, but if you nail the sob you at least have it on record. You tried to get help. File a complaint. Got money? Hire a body guard. Still, carry a gun and be prepared to use it. Go to the range often. Get training if you can. Let it be known you’re a crack shot. Fight back! But realize, he’s crazy! And you must be, too. Save yourself by what ever means is available, even if it’s nothing more than a champagne bottle.

More on Puppys PUPPYS puppys, 11

Well if you thought I would get a puppy you are wrong.The fail finger of fate decided this for me. First, I got sick, not really sick, but  down. And my cats did the nicest thing, I had forgotten, they do this, they all came and got in bed with me and stayed there until I got up. And they snuggled. And they were so sweet. And I decided Kitty love is every bit as wonderful as puppy love.

However, as soon as I was back on my feet again, it was back to “we love ya mom, but right now we are so busy. Maybe later.”  I love their independence.  I always have. I guess I got a little dopey there for a while. Or perhaps needy. Oh and the puppies I was interested in were all gone by the end of the day, making it easier to say no. LOL

Another Coal Mining Disaster Waiting To Happen

Blair Mountain, in WV, another coal mining disaster waiting to happen and why would anyone destroy a whole mountain? Greed.The coal could be removed just as effectively by other less invasive means, but not so much profit.You won’t benefit from this destruction. No fuel you purchase will be any cheaper. Just the rich getting richer and Mother Earth paying the price. How long will we sit back and allow corporations to destroy the land and air and water? Let me answer that, until there is nothing left. And at last everyone is personally affected.

Prissy, a story worth repeating

Prissy was rather contrary  cat  whom we loved dearly. She wa about  12 when due to her love of nothing more than food she became ill and we had to put her to sleep. I was crushed and,  I had her cremated . However I couldn’t bring  myself to go back and pick up her ashes. A year or so later my vet finally gave them to me when I was there for another reason. They came in a nice little burlap bag  in a lovely little tin box decorated with kittens. I put Prissy in the back seat of my explorer., and there she stayed. Couldn’t bring my self to either scatter  her ashes or bury  them.    thus things rocked along, and Christmas comes around  Time to deliver a few goodies. which I do. I get back home and something seems a miss. Hmmmm where is prissy? Fortunately I was able to retrieve her before someone got the shock of their life.Merry Christmas, Heres Prissy.

You would think that I would now take Prissy out of the car and, at least, put her on the mantel? Nope, where I go, prissy goes.She has really gotten around, too. If anyone asks, I just tell them she likes to ride. The kicker is, after telling this story, I  know of two other people who now carry their deceased, and very much loved pets ashes, around with them. Isn’t that a hoot? Here’s to you Prissy!


children on set

Do you remember, or even care, the way we were? Saw a young man deliver the flag at the super bowl last night. And his big accomplishment was that he agreed to play outdoors for 60 minutes a day. Are you kidding me? We went out as soon as anyone  would let us go and we played until someone drug us in for lunch. We didn’t over eat. We were in too big of a hurry to get back to our various projects, a tree house, a fort, once a lion trap, but that’s another story (it was a story that didn’t end very well.) It was great if there was fog, you could hide and scare the be-Jesus out of your friends. We walked on barrels and dreamed of being in the circus. I broke my arm, oh well. Kids got hurt sometimes, no worse for the wear.  I can’t imagine anyone wanting to kidnap one of us, we were tough and ran in-packs, like little savages. It was all for one and one for all, and believe me, no one wanted all of us. Sometimes we got in trouble, and the police chief would be waiting at our house to pass the word, often his daughter was part of the group, so she caught it too. Parents weren’t afraid to spank us and I often got as many as 3 spankings for my escapades, one from my parents, one from Helen Lawhorn, a neighbor and her son, was usually involved, and my grandmother. It was a tough world we survived. We were busy, we were imaginative, and we were healthy.  But most of all, we were happy.

The Sound of Drums

mlk parade

I awoke this morning to thump thumpety, thump thump. What is that? I stayed up kind of late and really didn’t want to get up yet. I dragged myself out of bed. Thump, thump. Oh no, the last thing I want is a drummer to move into my neighborhood. My god it’s getting louder. Maybe it’s in my head. I only had one bloody Mary and a couple of wines. Thump thump. Breakfast, maybe that will help. Nope still there. Turned on the TV. It’s January 12th, Martin Luther King day. Thank god it’s a parade! An hour later it was gone. Maybe it is time for a bloody Mary. Have a good MLK day. Thump.

Mother Natures Assistant

Celebrating Mother Nature

Celebrating Mother Nature (Photo credit: ihave3kids)

I have always claimed I was going to be Mother Nature’s Assistant the next time. You know, I die I come back.  I’m  Mother Nature’s Assistant.  Thus the name of my blog. There seems  to be so much to do now that I can’t wait until the next time. I need to get busy,  now.

The Ax men, anyone seen this piece of shit. These imbeciles  are  happily destroying a hill. One side of it is stripped, now what do you suppose will happen to this hill? It will erode and the soil will wash away and the land will die. We complain about the rain forest, as we should. But this is right here, in our own country, perhaps in your own area. What happened to only taking some of the trees, thinning,  not destroying. What about the idiots that destroy the clean air and water, out of greed . How many yachts, big cars and houses do they need. What good will all that be when there’s  no water to drink or air to breath.

It amazes me that they concern themselves with leaving their children a big financial debt, when they won’t have enough water or air. When it  costs  a hundred  dollars to fill a bath tub, never mind a pool.

Well, anyway, this is my first blog. There will be  more and most won’t be this serious. I have a lot of stories to tell.  You may even recognize yourself in some of them, all tongue in cheek, and often humorous, I hope. Later