Mother Natures Assistant

Celebrating Mother Nature

Celebrating Mother Nature (Photo credit: ihave3kids)

I have always claimed I was going to be Mother Nature’s Assistant the next time. You know, I die I come back.  I’m  Mother Nature’s Assistant.  Thus the name of my blog. There seems  to be so much to do now that I can’t wait until the next time. I need to get busy,  now.

The Ax men, anyone seen this piece of shit. These imbeciles  are  happily destroying a hill. One side of it is stripped, now what do you suppose will happen to this hill? It will erode and the soil will wash away and the land will die. We complain about the rain forest, as we should. But this is right here, in our own country, perhaps in your own area. What happened to only taking some of the trees, thinning,  not destroying. What about the idiots that destroy the clean air and water, out of greed . How many yachts, big cars and houses do they need. What good will all that be when there’s  no water to drink or air to breath.

It amazes me that they concern themselves with leaving their children a big financial debt, when they won’t have enough water or air. When it  costs  a hundred  dollars to fill a bath tub, never mind a pool.

Well, anyway, this is my first blog. There will be  more and most won’t be this serious. I have a lot of stories to tell.  You may even recognize yourself in some of them, all tongue in cheek, and often humorous, I hope. Later


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