Prissy, a story worth repeating

Prissy was rather contrary  cat  whom we loved dearly. She wa about  12 when due to her love of nothing more than food she became ill and we had to put her to sleep. I was crushed and,  I had her cremated . However I couldn’t bring  myself to go back and pick up her ashes. A year or so later my vet finally gave them to me when I was there for another reason. They came in a nice little burlap bag  in a lovely little tin box decorated with kittens. I put Prissy in the back seat of my explorer., and there she stayed. Couldn’t bring my self to either scatter  her ashes or bury  them.    thus things rocked along, and Christmas comes around  Time to deliver a few goodies. which I do. I get back home and something seems a miss. Hmmmm where is prissy? Fortunately I was able to retrieve her before someone got the shock of their life.Merry Christmas, Heres Prissy.

You would think that I would now take Prissy out of the car and, at least, put her on the mantel? Nope, where I go, prissy goes.She has really gotten around, too. If anyone asks, I just tell them she likes to ride. The kicker is, after telling this story, I  know of two other people who now carry their deceased, and very much loved pets ashes, around with them. Isn’t that a hoot? Here’s to you Prissy!


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