Fight Back

I just saw two African women on “Right Now TV” get the crap beaten out of them for some supposed infraction, not by police, but by a husband with some complaint, apparently to do with a bottle of champagne, and his co-hearts. First he makes her hold this bottle of champagne and they hoot and holler. She stands there meekly. He slaps her to the ground then they continue to beat and kick her, finally tying her to a post and whipping her. Why they bothered to tie her up, I can’t imagine. She never raised a hand. Don’t ever do that! She had a hefty bottle in her hands, use it. They are going to do whatever it is they plan to do to you anyway, take as many as you can with you. Sure you’re going to get the crap beat out of you, but you will anyway. Fight, with all your strength, with the last bit of life left in you, fight. Women band together, never let them sleep, knowing you will extract revenge. I wouldn’t want to eat anything I cooked if you treated me that way. Nor would I feel good about sleeping or turning my back. You need not be big, just determined. Trust me I know. I had a crazy husband that thought it was fun to bounce me off walls, until I bounced back with all the hell and fury I possessed. Yes he won that one, and he probably would have killed me had I not become the aggressor. Bought a gun. got a permit. But I actually went after him. Not with a gun. Can’t tell you what I did but once he got out of the hospital he looked me up and said, and I quote, ” If you’ll leave me alone, I will leave you alone.” I nodded. I was holding a shovel at the time. He drove away and  I never saw him again.

Never get in a car with anyone. Whatever they intend to do to you, make them do it there. You have nails, get some skin get some eyes, gouge, fight. If nothing else you’ll get forensic evidence. Scream at the top of your lungs. Don’t  stop. Scream, help help  help, people will respond. Use anything you have. I had a friend who beat the shit out of an attacker with her wallet. Keys, anything. Don’t be threatened. Tell the police. They take  that a  bit more seriously, these days. They can’t protect you and running will only delay things, but if you nail the sob you at least have it on record. You tried to get help. File a complaint. Got money? Hire a body guard. Still, carry a gun and be prepared to use it. Go to the range often. Get training if you can. Let it be known you’re a crack shot. Fight back! But realize, he’s crazy! And you must be, too. Save yourself by what ever means is available, even if it’s nothing more than a champagne bottle.


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