Mother Natures Assistant Has been Angry lately

It’s true. I have been angry lately at my fellow humans for the way they treat other human beings, animals, and even trees. And then a story like this shows up and I think “there are good people in the world”. I, of course, know there are good people. I believe in them, I just think they fail to act.

   However this story showed up on my Facebook recently it was about a little girl 4 years old and her dog, Abby, 14 years old. Abby died and the little girl was so upset she asked her mother to write to God and tell him what a good dog Abby was. And to take care of  Abby. And she sent a picture of Abby so God would recognize Abby. She put lots of stamps on the letter and her mom took her down to the mail box. She mailed her letter to God. A few days later she received a letter in a gold envelope.Here’s what it pretty much said.

I received your letter, and Abby is here with me now. The picture you sent was very helpful. Abby is very happy here and she is no longer sick or in pain. Since we are souls here and have no bodies,  I don’t have a pocket to keep your picture in so I am returning it. I will take good care of Abby . Thank you so much for the nice letter. What a good mommy you have to have helped you send your letter. Abby sends his biggest kisses. Love God

Someone took the time and the effort to try and make a little girl feel better. Now that’s  the kind of story Mother Nature’s Assistant likes to hear. 


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