Broken Hips and Other Ailments

I have recently broken my hip. Tile floor and a stool and down I went. I did not realize it was broken. I’d had a bone density test and a score of 2 plus, a very good score. So I got up and moaned and groaned and went on. I have arthritis so I blamed the pain on that, but it kept getting worse. Finally a month later they X-rayed it, surprise, it’s broken. They operated the next day, 3 days later I’m home. Everyone is amazed I walked around with a broken hip for one month. My Doctor said he had never had any one walk in his office with a broken hip, they usually arrive at the ER.
Need I say I’m tough. A broken hip is the last thing I wanted. It makes me feel old. Older than I am, and I’m old enough. Thank God my husband is able to care for me and I did not have go to a rehab center. That would have really upset me. But I have made a decision. As soon as I’m well I’m going to visit all the local rehab and retirement and etc. type places, because sooner or later I may need some where to go and I want to know more about where I’m going to go. Here is the point to all this, perhaps it would not be a bad thing to check out your local rehab and nursing home places. We hate to face that possibility but it looms over us all.


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