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children on set

Do you remember, or even care, the way we were? Saw a young man deliver the flag at the super bowl last night. And his big accomplishment was that he agreed to play outdoors for 60 minutes a day. Are you kidding me? We went out as soon as anyone  would let us go and we played until someone drug us in for lunch. We didn’t over eat. We were in too big of a hurry to get back to our various projects, a tree house, a fort, once a lion trap, but that’s another story (it was a story that didn’t end very well.) It was great if there was fog, you could hide and scare the be-Jesus out of your friends. We walked on barrels and dreamed of being in the circus. I broke my arm, oh well. Kids got hurt sometimes, no worse for the wear.  I can’t imagine anyone wanting to kidnap one of us, we were tough and ran in-packs, like little savages. It was all for one and one for all, and believe me, no one wanted all of us. Sometimes we got in trouble, and the police chief would be waiting at our house to pass the word, often his daughter was part of the group, so she caught it too. Parents weren’t afraid to spank us and I often got as many as 3 spankings for my escapades, one from my parents, one from Helen Lawhorn, a neighbor and her son, was usually involved, and my grandmother. It was a tough world we survived. We were busy, we were imaginative, and we were healthy.  But most of all, we were happy.